Thanks to modern easy-click systems the installation of Classiq timber flooring is fast and easily done. The Classiq easy-click interlocking flooring system is ideal for DIY projects. If DIY installation is not an option for you, let our licensed installation professionals do the installation for you so you can enjoy your new floors without stressing over installation. An installation warranty is included when you use our approved installation contractors. Read our flooring installation guide.


Keep Your Floors Looking New. All flooring materials need cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Regular care lengthens the life of your floor, can help ensure your warranty will be honoured, and keeps the surface looking its best. Cleaning Instruction for your new timber floor:

  1. Simply use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dry dirt.
  2. Then use a microfibre mop to clean sticky spots or tougher dirt.
  3. Add floor Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner to cold water (as per label directions).
  4. Wring out the microfibre mop head well and damp-mop the floor.
  5. Every month give your floor a more intensive clean by double wash it and apply a protective layer to your floor.

Tips for protecting your Timber Floor:

  • Use cold water never hot/warm water.
  • Use damp microfibre mops, never wet or soaking.
  • Use Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner available in NZ.
  • Never use a steam cleaner on your flooring, only damp mopping.
  • Wipe spills and dampness immediately (liquid spills, pets’ water bowls or plant pots could hide water underneath!)
  • Lift furniture and never drag them along the floor.
  • Use felt pads on chairs, tables, stands and the like.
  • Have mats at entry points to your home. Stones caught up on shoe soles can damage floors.
  • Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner has been specially formulated to easily cut through dirt and grime while being compatible with sealed wooden floors. It helps to restore the floor’s natural shine while providing a streak free finish and no wax build-up.


Classiq timber floors is ideal for installation in kitchens and the rest of the house where spills are wiped up or dried off quickly. Timber flooring products are not suitable for wet areas and should not be installed in any area where moisture and heat are likely to be a problem. Typical wet areas where timber flooring should be avoided are saunas, bathrooms and un-ducted laundries. Any spills should be wiped up off the floor as soon as they occur.


For your peace of mind, Classiq timber flooring carries a limited wear and structural residential warranty that is guaranteed by the product manufacturers against any defects in the product.

  • 15 years – Limited Wear Warranty – Residential
  • 25 years – Limited Structural Warranty – Residential
  • 5 years Limited Wear Warranty For Commercial Use

Read the full product warranty