Classiq Timber Floors provides the following manufacturer’s warranty in respect of the flooring product.  This warranty is provided to the original purchaser and takes effect from the date of purchase.

Surface/Finish Warranty

A limited surface/finish warranty that the surface of the flooring product will not wear through to bare wood. - Please view the product specific warranty on the product specifications and technical tabs on each individual product. 

Structural Warranty

A structural integrity warranty in respect of the flooring product.  The warranty provides that in the original manufactured condition, the materials used and workmanship of the flooring product is free from defects with respect to dimension, lamination and assembly. - Please view the product specific warranty on the product specifications and technical tabs on each individual product. 


In the unlikely event that the flooring product should fail to meet the terms of this warranty, Classiq Timber floors and the manufacturer will carry out one of the following options at no cost to the purchaser:

  • Supply a replacement flooring product (either the same wood or a suitable alternative should the original wood no longer be available);
  • Supply parts to repair or replace the defective flooring product; or
  • Refund the purchase price of the defective product pro-rated over the remaining life of this limited warranty.

The option exercised will be at the discretion of Classiq Timber Floors and the manufacturer.

The warranty is exclusive and it provides for the repair or replacement of defective flooring product only.  The warranty does not cover labour costs.  Any extra costs to remove defective flooring product and install replacement flooring product are not covered by this warranty and will be at the claimant’s expense.



Classiq Timber Floors and the manufacturer will honour claims under this warranty if the following conditions are met:


  • The claimant must establish the he/she is the original purchaser.  The warranty is not transferable.  The claimant must provide proof of the date of purchase, the purchase price and show that the flooring product is at the original installation site.
  • Between purchase and installation, the flooring product must be correctly stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions at all times.
  • This warranty is only applicable when the flooring product is used for interior residential dwellings.
  • This limited warranty applies only where the affected area is visible and is at least 10 per cent of the total installed surface area.
  • The flooring product must be installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Humidity in the area of use must be maintained between 30 and 70 per cent.
  • The flooring product must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Within 30 days of discovering any defect or failure under this warranty, the claimant must give written notice to the manufacturer.  Thereafter, within 60 days, the manufacturer will inspect the flooring product to confirm any failure under this warranty.  Written notice is to be provided to Classiq Timber Floors.  The manufacturer or its representatives must be given the opportunity to inspect the floor prior to any repairs or other works being carried out.


Warranty Exclusions


  • This warranty does not cover the following:
  • In respect to the surface/finish warranty, reduction of gloss and scratching caused by regular traffic are not considered wear through and are therefore not covered by this warranty.
  • Indentations, scratches, high heeled or spiked shoes, high traffic areas, damage caused by negligence or accident, water ingress, insects, animals and urine.
  • The flooring product is a natural product that will expand and contract with normal seasonal temperature and humidity changes.  When properly installed there may be slight expansion, contraction and separation of the boards.  This is normal.  Minor separation of this sort is not covered by this warranty.
  • Due to the nature of timber the flooring product minor checking or cracks can occur.  This is not covered by the warranty.
  • Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, small knots and grain variations are normal characteristics and are not defects.  There can be colour variations between consignments of the flooring product.
  • Where the manufacturer’s installation instructions have not been followed, including failure to protect the flooring product from sub-floor moisture.
  • Failure to maintain the proper humidity in the area of use or exposure to excessive sunlight or heat.
  • Failure to maintain the flooring product in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Where alterations have been made to the original manufactured flooring product. Any alterations or repairs to the original manufactured flooring produce will void the applicability of this warranty.
  • Any issues with the flooring product caused by structural changes in the subfloor, settling of the building or an uneven subfloor that has not been adequately levelled (+/- 3mm over 1000mm).
  • Should an installer find any defects in the flooring product, such product should be returned to Classiq Timber Floors for inspection and possible replacement.  This should occur prior to installation. Where the flooring product is installed that is considered to be acceptance of the product in respect to features of the product that are evident at the time of purchase and the warranty will not apply in such circumstances.


Warranty Disclaimers


This warranty shall replace all other warranties (whether express or implied), including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, except as covered by Common Law.  The manufacturer shall not be liable for loss of use or any other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages incurred by the claimant.


This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights under New Zealand law.


Flooring Maintenance


Below are some simple steps to maintaining your flooring product:


  • Sweep or vacuum to remove any loose dirt or grit as required.
  • Damp mop the flooring product avoiding excessive use of water.  Do not use a steam mop.  Do not use oil, soap, wax or other household cleaning products to clean the flooring product.
  • Should a spill occur, clean this promptly.
  • Utilise mats at all exterior entrances, however avoid rubber-based mats.
  • Shoes in need of repair or spiked heels can cause significant damage to the flooring product.
  • Runners or rugs in areas of high use can provide protection to the flooring product.
  • Do not drag furniture or appliances across the flooring product.
  • Use protectors such as felt under heavy items of furniture.
  • Maintain humidity levels between 30 and 70 per cent.
  • Keep animal nails trimmed.


If there is a small scratch on the flooring product a colour-matched correcting product can be purchased from Classiq Timber Floors.  If more significant damage occurs the damaged flooring product can be sanded and re-finished or removed and replaced with new product.




If the finish starts to lose its gloss or show wear, a water-based urethane coating can be used to restore the flooring product.  Classiq Timber Floors or a professional re-finisher can assist in this respect.


If desired the floor can be lightly sanded and recoated with a urethane coat.  In this case it is recommended that the entire floor be recoated and that a professional re-finisher is consulted.