Flooring Installation Guide

You can choose for us to install your new floor or you can DIY. All of our floors are mostly straightforward to install, thanks to the click together systems that our flooring planks are designed around, making them highly user-friendly and quick to install . Some handyman skills would be helpful or perhaps the help of a handy friend. But in saying that, online help with the click together flooring systems are readily available and easily be figured out over a weekend. But if you prefer, let us get one of our preferred installers to install your new floor for you.

    All of our floors are mostly straightforward to install, thanks to the click together systems that our flooring planks are designed around. Ideal for your DIY projects.


    We offer a complete care free installation option with approved installers throughout New Zealand. An installation warranty is included when you use our approved installers.


Classiq click together timber floors can be installed in two different ways, either floating or glued down. Your timber floor can be installed to be floating on an underlay or to be glued down to the subfloor. Below is an indication of the different installation methods for you to choose from.

Floating Installation

Floating floors are call floating because the floor planks are floating on an underlay on top of the subfloor and are not directly fixed or glued to the subfloor. Floating floors are relying on the weight of the floor and the click together system to keep them down and in place. The floating method of installation is the best option if time or cost are of concern, and is recommended for installations in earthquake-prone areas like New Zealand.Please Note: All laminate flooring should be floated and not glued down.


- Suitable for installing on most subfloors surfaces.

- Suitable for installing over existing floor coverings such as vinyl and tiles.

- Cheaper option than glue-down installations.

- Ideal DIY project

- Easy to installQuick to install

- Great for installing over radiant underfloor heating systems

- Can be installed on any subfloor

- Softer walking surface

- Floating underlay has an integrated vapour barrier damp proofing

- Recommended for installations in earthquake-prone areas

Glued Down / Direct Stick

Glued down installation are also known as direct stick installation because the floor planks are directly fixed or glued to a prepared subfloor. There is no underlay used with the direct stick installations method and a paint-on moisture barrier membrane and glue is required. The glue down method of installation is a more expensive option and probably better left for a experienced installer to do. Glue down is also not recommended for installations in earthquake-prone areas.


- More solid feel when walked on

- Quieter to walk on than a floating floor

- Great for installing over most underfloor heating systems

- Best suited to be installed on either concrete or plywood subfloors


Classiq underlays are designed to make floating floors quieter to walk on. Classiq Quality Timber Floors supplies a superior quality, medium density polyolefin underlay for all floating floor applications. Underlays is mostly needed for noise reduction against foot drop sounds, giving you a more solid sounding floor. Underlay also acts as compression padding and anti slip between the flooring boards and the subfloor.


Our polyolefin underlays also has a damp-proof moisture barrier built-in, eliminating the need for any additional continuous damp proofing.


- Provide acoustic and thermal insulation

- Lightweight and easy to handle

- Peel and stick joining stripIntegrated moisture barrier damp proofingWaterproof and mould resistant

- Foot drop noise reductionImproves acoustics

- Softer walking surface

- Anti subfloor slip

- Low cost product