Heavy Duty Underlay

$9.00 Excl. GST

Price is per meter length.

Code: CTU001
Product: Classiq Heavy Duty Underlay
Type: Heavy Duty Polyolefin Underlay

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Heavy duty underlay

Vapour barrier, cushioned acoustic underlay for click-together floating floors.

Classiq heavy duty polyolefin underlay is designed for use with our click-together floating timber floors. The underlay provides a comfortable, soft walking surface with a built-in damp-proof moisture barrier. The underlay is cushioned for ideal acoustic sound and drum sound insulation.


Underlay is a crucial part of the installation of your floating timber floor and is designed to reduce squeaks and to make floating floors quieter to walk on, giving you a more solid sounding floor. The underlay membrane also acts as a sound and moisture vapour barrier, eliminating the need for any additional continuous damp proofing. – Underlay can be installed with a simple utility knife, it does not require any power tool, making it the perfect DIY product.


  • Provide acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Increases cushioning between flooring and subfloor
  • Reduces transmission sounds – ideal sound and drum sound insulation
  • Foot drop noise reduction
  • Integrated moisture barrier damp proofing
  • Waterproof and mould resistant
  • Perfect thermal transmission – Ideal for use over radiant heated floors
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Peel and stick overlap with adhesive joining strip
  • Low cost product