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Code: CTI001
Product: Classiq Flooring Installation
Type: Floating or Glue Down Installation Service

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Let us install your new timber floor

Our trusted installers get the job done right.

If the DIY installation is not an option for you, let our licensed installation professionals do the installation for you so you can enjoy your new floors without stressing over installation. An installation warranty is included when you use our approved installation contractors.

Classiq have approved local, licensed and insured installation professionals that have undergone a thorough background screening. They are professional floor installers and highly skilled tradesperson with the relevant skill levels to install timber floors.

Timber Floor Installation

The Classiq easy-click interlocking flooring system is suitable for indoor use and can be installed by our approved contractors.
The click-together timber floors can be installed in two different ways, either floating or glued down. Your timber floor can be installed to be floating on an underlay or to be glued down to the subfloor. One of the advantages of the floating method is that it allows for flooring to be easily placed on top of existing floors.

Floating Installation Method

The floor boards are precision milled with a glueless click-together interlocking mechanism which can be installed floating over an appropriate underlay. The underlay membrane acts as a sound and moisture vapour barrier. The suitably prepared structural subfloor should be flat, dry and waterproofed. The easy-click floors boards can also be installed by glueing it to the subfloor for a more stable underfoot feel.

Glued-down / Direct Stick Installation Method

Glued-down installation are also known as direct stick installation because the floor planks are directly fixed or glued to a prepared subfloor. There is no underlay used with the direct stick installations method and a paint-on moisture barrier membrane and glue is required. The glue down method of installation is a more expensive option and probably better left for a experienced installer to do. Glue-down is also not recommended for installations in earthquake-prone areas.