Cost Calculator

Get an estimate cost of your new flooring project by simply filling in the required fields for each room in your home. Our flooring calculator will help you calculate the size and cost of your flooring project quickly and easily.

Measuring Up

If you take the measurements of the room or areas involved, our flooring cost calculator can give you an instant cost estimate for your project. Start by measuring the length and width of each area / room, i.e. 3.4m x 4.3m, then enter them separately into the calculator fields. - Our calculator will determine your room floor area in square metres and add them up as a total m2 required sum. (For odd shaped rooms, like an L shape, divide the room into blocks, measure them separately and add them in as individual rooms.)

Free Quote and Consultation Service

We offer a free quote and consultation service to help you make the right choice on your timber flooring. Please contact us with your requirements.

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